Discover Your Adventure

With Atmospheres, you can also enjoy incredible activities both on and off the boat! From hiking to paddleboarding and everything in between, you’ll love experiencing all that the area has to offer. View some activities to take advantage of here:



For those looking to get off the boat and stretch their legs, the Virgin Islands have an abundance of trails and nature walks to help you get in touch with the local environment. They range from strenuous uphill hikes with rewarding views and vistas, to low impact paths along the coast with breathtaking beachfront scenery. We are happy to take you on a guided tour, or hand over the trail map and let you explore and discover on your own.


We have all the gear on board for you to get in the water and start exploring the underwater world of the Virgin Islands. From thriving reefs to shallow shipwrecks to aquatic pirate caves, there is no shortage of snorkeling spots, and we know all the best places. Whether you are looking for a quiet protected cove full of reef fish, or something more advanced like free diving swim thrus, we are here to accommodate any comfort level.


Paddle boards aren’t just for sport, they are a mode of transportation when your living on a boat. It’s fun to take a tandem paddle through the mooring field and see what your neighbors are up to. It’s also nice to pack a dry bag and take a trip in to the beach to check out the local scene. Of course they are a good form of exercise too for those looking to stay active. The versatility of the paddle board has made them an everyday part of life in the Caribbean.

 Outdoor Movie Theater

One of the many amenities you’ll have access to when onboard is our outdoor movie theater. This is great for family night, or a quiet evening with friends. We have tons of movies to choose from, and lots of T.V. series as well. So pull up a bean bag and we’ll provide the popcorn and snacks.

Island Tours

There are plenty of places to stop for a day and get off the boat for a little sight seeing. Local safari taxis are an excellent way to experience the local culture and beauty. Or if you prefer to rent a car, Colleen and Matt will gladly be your chauffeur and take you to all the local hotspots and attractions.

Beach Picnic

Even though the onboard dining is an event in itself, sometimes it’s nice to pack a cooler and head to the beach for the afternoon. What better way to spend the day than with a cold drink in your coozie, and a couple of dogs on the fire or burgers on the grill. We’ll even pack the snorkel gear and radio to complete the package.