A Special Thanks To All Our Guests

We are so fortunate to have met so many amazing people over the years. Here are just some of the unforgettable memories we’ve shared!


August 6th, 2020

“Colleen & Matt – Thank you so much for making our trip to the islands such a success. Each stop and each meal was a great experience. Being treated so well by two people who are experts in their field made us want to come back

The Greens & The Matlocks




July 19th, 2020

“Colleen & Matt – Thank you both for¬† fabulous trip. Amazing food and service. Your warm and welcoming manner made the trip a true joy. We will be back.

Best –
The Murphys & The Hamiltons




July 19th, 2020

“Thank y’all so much for everything! You both simply were “Amazing”!! Haha! The food was outstanding and the service was even better! This was truly a once in a lifetime trip and we can’t wait to see you again on our next adventure! We would not change a thing… Great Job!

Much Love From
The Alabama Crew! – The Bakers, Birds and Lynams, Safe Travels



July 7th, 2020

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this vacation the best we have ever had. The water and the islands are so great, but without you guys it would have been a pale shade of what it was. Thank you for taking such good care of us, for the unbelievably awesome food, for the cheer & the humor, the funny stories, for the sailing instructions, and for being such great companions on our journey.”

The Deitrichs & The Wilsons




March 7th, 2020

“Where do we start!? Thank you for welcoming us into your home for the week. Colleen, your planning, organization & forethought made for an easy breezy flow. Your amazing itinerary and eye for logistics allowed us to enjoy the beautiful scenery mesmerizing meals that much more!! Matt Boy – y’er a wizard! Six Michelin Stars for you!

Patti & Scott, Drew & Carolin, Meg & Justin



February 26th, 2020

“Colleen & Mark, aka Matt lolūüėä, have provided 6 days of¬† the most relaxing and exciting vacation, well exceeding¬†every expectation we might’ve had. Colleen’s knowledge of boating/sailing and the local area is immense & she’s pleased & proud to share. We asked to avoid touristy areas to see the islands for what they are and came away with a deep appreciation for her love of what she does and where she lives. Her pride in the vessel is a tribute to her loyalty¬†to the owners as the protection/care is always on her mind. Matt – what can we – his cheerful disposition while slaving away in the kitchen could not have been appreciated more by us foodies!‚̧ Every appetizer, entree & dessert was flawlessly conceived¬†& executed. His creativity is unsurpassed by any chef we’ve encountered & we’ve eaten at a lot of 5 star places. Gordon Ramsey needs to know where this guy is at!

Thank You!
Tracy, Arlean, Julie & Trish




February 14, 2020

“Colleen and Matt, our family had a terrific week with you all, one of our absolute best sailing trips in the BVI’s. What made it truly unique was your creativity and turning us on to five new places/ adventures that we had not experienced on prior trips. The food, both quality and presentation was exquisite. We particularly enjoyed the focus on healthy combinations with Matt’s flare for “taking it up a notch” as Emeril would say! The onshore lobster dinner was also special with a great local feel! Thank you both for the awesome memories!!¬†“

The Buckwalters & The Williams




February 5th, 2020

“Colleen & Matt – The BVI was just amazing. Most definitely¬†the best trips of our life. You and Matt have made it most memorable. Loved the food, all the history, snorkeling and sailing.

Thank you so much! – Jane, Nick, Deanna & Jim




January 23rd, 2020

“Colleen & Matt – Thanks so much for sharing your life & adventure with us. We enjoyed the sailing, the winds & waves, the snorkeling and the great food. I hate to check my scale at home. We felt comfortable with your expertise and guidance and would love to join you for another cruise! Blessings!”

Thanks! – Nancy, Tom, Mike, Wendy, Kathy & John




January 4th, 2020

“C & M – Sailing the seas with you has been the week of a lifetime. Your endless joy, information and leadership is incomparable and we are all in AWE of what you two have created out here. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us. You two are the absolute best. Good luck as you continue on with your adventures – and with the house construction! After spending this week with the two of you, it is obvious that your new home will be full of love, laughter and excellent food.”

All Our Love – Sam, Craig, Meg, Elle, Steve & Adam





December 27th, 2019

“Colleen & Matt, what an incredible charter. Our third charter with both of you has been truly memorable. It really was a very Merry Christmas – complete with the boat parade. Our charter took Jill down memory lane, along with Kaiden and Kinlee making new memories. Zack and the kids love diving. I think a new hobby is in the works. This charter was filled with laughter, big splashes and many games of old maid! Thank you for a wonderful week. Ya’ll are part of our Christmas family”

Lots Of Love From Iowa & Texas – Jill, Zach, Bree, Kaiden & Kinlee





December 27th, 2019

“Matt & Colleen – Can’t say enough about these past 8 days. Truly an amazing experience! Amazing boat, food, itinerary….Matt’s culinary creativity, variety & quality were all as amazing as any restaurant. Colleen’s gift to attention about “everything” was stellar. Everything was great! Thanks for a wonderful trip! Wow!!! Best Thanksgiving ever! Thanks for making our trip extraordinary with your professionalism and attention to detail, but also your great personalities, patience and fun! Loved swimming with the turtles, out adventures to the Baths & the Bubbly Pool! Ha! The scenery, the night sky, the colors in the water and OHHH the FOOD!!! Matt & Colleen your’re the best!! Best Trip EVER! No whim passed unindulged. Thank you so very much. Now I know what it’s like to be dropped into heaven. The best part of that is finding two guardian¬†angels who watch over and fill our every need and want and then some. It is impossible to describe my snorkeling experience – the exhilaration¬†of doing something so spectacular for the first time at the tender age of (almost) 70. Can’t thank you enough. We will be thinking about this experience for a long time.”

Perry, Lisa, Sally & Scott





December 5th, 2019

“The Hoosier Hillbillies from South Bend Indiana¬†had the time of their lives on their first but not last, sailing trip on the Firefly. Matt & Colleen, you both went above and beyond our wildest expectations. It was a week of food, fun & fellowship. Many thanks XOXOXO! P.S. You make a great team! Thanks for the great time, we will cherish this week forever!”

Joe, Jaqueline, Brent & Lisa





November 20th, 2019

“Thanks so much for all the two of you did to make pour time on the water fun and relaxing.”

Trish & John





July 27th, 2019

“Matt & Colleen – “Thank you for an amazing week on the water” doesn’t seem like an adequate expression of how much we enjoyed our week in the BVIs on Firefly, and with the both of you. Your hospitality, professionalism and Matt’s amazing food were overshadowed only by Colleen’s infectious¬†laugh, Matt’s quick wit and the overall feeling of familiarity, as if¬† we were sailing with some long lost friends. Sure, the snorkeling¬†was great (despite the jellies), the water was amazingly clear and blue, and we could not have asked for better weather, but it was Matt & Colleen’s touch that set you apart from the rest. Emil and I will always remember snorkeling with Matt. Lance will forever be grateful for his rum buddy Colleen and the laughs at Cooper Island, and Emil will treasure the memories of riding off into the sunset “full throttle” on the dingy with the captain. Thanks for the laughs and newfound friends! We would love to meet up in Fl sometime.¬† “

‚̧ The Harasyms – Lance, Nicole & Emil





July 1st, 2019

“Woohoo! Thank you so much Colleen and Matt! What a trip ūüėĀ. It was so good spending time with you and getting to know you more. You were so generous are the best cousin in-laws a girl could ask for! Thanks for taking me diving and watching¬†sports Matt.! Thank you Colleen for showing us the islands and teaching us the history and taking us to the Baths and snorkeling the caves! You both are so wonderful! Much love!”

Kendle & Cass





June 12th, 2019

“Thank you so much for everything you guys have done for us. The countless stories shared, laughs spread and sarcastic comments exchanged. You both have treated us so well, we couldn’t ask for better. I don’t think better exists! This past week has been like a week spent in heaven! Starting with the relaxing sailing all the way to Matt’s legendary guacamole, everything has been perfect. You both were not only our Captain and Chef, you became our friends in just 7 short days. Thank you so much again for everything. This is an experience to remember!”

Safe Travels! The Van Buren Family





June 5th, 2019

“Colleen & Matt, Many many thank yous for a perfect week! The food, fun, sailing and hospitality cannot be matched. An absolutely magical week! I gained wonderful stories to last a lifetime! So appreciate your friendship and¬†thoughtfulness! You are invited anytime to visit me in Kansas City! So appreciate You!”

Much Love – Craig





May 30th, 2019

“Colleen & Matt – there are few words to describe how fantastic¬†this trip was and how much we enjoyed your company, food,adventures. Invite to K.C. is 100% genuine. You guys feel like family now and really hope to see you again, sooner than later.”

Greg, Tricia, Gary, Brad & Lisa





May 22nd, 2019

“Colleen & Matt – Everyone back home told me how much I needed this trip, they were right and I’m so glad I didn’t cancel. Thank you so much for not only sharing your knowledge and skills, but yourselves. It was the perfect get away! This was the adventure of a lifetime in so many ways. Memories that will last a lifetime. Kudos to Colleen & Mat – the perfect pairing. Can’t thank you enough. PRICELESS!”

Rick, Dianne, Scott, Sharon, Nancy & Charlene





April 6th, 2019

“Colleen & Matt – Thank you so much for an amazing week. The boat was awesome, the food was incredible, our first vacation with amazing food! Best feature, you guys!”

Keep On Sailing ‚̧- Meg, John, Jay & Hazel





March 17th, 2019

“Matt & Colleen – Thank you so so much for taking us on our dream vacation. Truly, we’ve been hoping to sail around the V.I. for years. When it finally happened here on the Firefly, it was even better than we could have hoped for. Ya’ll have been so lovely. Ya’ll helped us figure out where all to go and what to do and how to do it, and in doing so, built a week of adventures, relaxation, fun, new experiences, laughter, and a hurricane or two. We got to see beautiful fish, rays, turtles, an octopus, lots of crabs and conch, a shark, a few butt cracks and at least one nipple. Matt, we’re more convinced than ever that you SHOULD go on “Chopped”. Colleen, we could not have asked for a better, more capable, more trustworthy captain. The two of ya’ll made this trip the wonderful experience that it was. “

Much Love – Addie, Willy D., Willy T., Natalie, Thomas & Amelia





February 24th, 2019

“Colleen & Matt – Thank You for making our honeymoon so spectacular. This was the trip of a lifetime. Will have to diet next week but so worth it. You made Joe into a foodie! If you ever find yourselves in Michigan, you have a place to stay. We will serve you!”

XO – Joe & Michelle





February 9th, 2019

“Matt & Colleen – Thanks for not letting my “non-swimming” husband drown! Every day of the trip, from the meals to the snorkeling and day trips, to the history of the islands you both are #1!!! Great trip… guys rock!! Everything was beyond what we expected. If ever in Buffalo and/or Detroit, look us up…..we’ll show you “cold”. You guys are such positive, fun, bubbly people!!Keep that forever. What a great trip!! What a way to spend 5 days on a beautiful boat. We left a very snowy Buffalo. You are both so gracious and wonderful hosts!! We will be back very soon!! I am going to try a few recipes.”

Love, Your Buffalo Friends – Mark, Mary, Lisa, Joe, Lynn & Terry





February 2nd, 2019

“Colleen & Matt – I’m sorry but I lied to you last year when I said I had the best vacation¬†ever….this year year has been the best ever!!! Don’t change anything…you guys are the best! Ohm, and thanks for the southern cross. Once again, thank you for everything! Blue skies, pink sands, and a trip¬†like no otherūüėä. Ditto to all the above. Second time around just as spectacular as the first. Maybe more so! We can not tell you how much we appreciate your hard work. Another amazing adventure! I’ve¬†said it once, but I’ll say it again, you guys are the most amazing Captain, Chef friends anyone could have. Thanks for the constant laughs. It was a pleasure to further explore the USVI & BVI with you. Colleen, thanks for being a knowledgeable, fun snorkeling¬†buddy and for making sure always have a new amazing experience. I enjoy our bits of girl gossip. Matt, speechless again, Your talent in the kitchen is exceptional. Your sense of humor and ability to keep us laughing¬†is another bonus. We will miss you! “

Love you guys, hope to see you soon! – Micheal, Anita, Sam & Emily





January 23rd, 2019

“Colleen & Matt – Thank you so much for the best family vacation EVER. What started as a surprise 65th for Joe turned into the perfect get-a-way. We loved every sight, the sailing, the snorkeling, the beach toys, the FOOD, the fun and laughter. You two made the trip lively and oh so interesting. Thank you for the hospitality, surprise birthday party, amazing meals and cocktails¬†(the BBC!!). “

Wishing you fair winds & following seas – The Buckleys, Philadelphia, PA





December 27th, 2018

“Matt & Colleen – This has been a week that we will cherish forever! Thank you so very much for your incredible hospitality, sharing knowledge of the islands and sailing adventures, amazing meals, laughter and beautiful Christmas spirit! Our family is richer for having this experience together and we’re grateful that God gave us you guys as our crew. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to spend our Christmas vacation! God bless you both on your journey together! You two definitely¬†have lovely gifts to share with the world! Thank you for sharing them with us!‚̧ “

Love – Casey, Carrie, Logan, Even & Jacob





December 7th, 2019

“Colleen & Matt – You have been the best extreme hosts. We have planned the trip for ten months, since we put the deposit. All the dreaming & planning couldn’t equal our true experience. I (we) have changed by having experienced the best week ever!! We will return. We will return ready for the best times & food. Thank you so much for allowing us to spend this amazing week with you ! It was all we dreamed of and more. Thanks to both of you. Thank you for being so welcoming. The food and activities were wonderful and the company was even better! We can’t imagine spending time here in the future without you! What an awesome trip this was!! It was everything we imagined and more! You two are amazing and now feel like family. You have set the bar so high that it can’t be raised. The food was perfect and the hospitality even better! Thank you for making this the best vacation we’ve ever experienced! We will see you again! Until we meet again we wish you the best”

Much love and many hugs РLinda, Andy,  Joe, Tanya, Debbie & Guy





November 25th, 2018

“Colleen & Matt – Thank you guys so much, again!, for letting us crash your Firefly party. We all really enjoyed the boat, the toys, the snorkeling, the amazing food, and of course, our crew. This is our favorite vacation to date, and we miss Firefly anytime it’s a little too cold and grey back home. Thank you guys and have a good rest of season!”

Love – The Kallos’s





October 26th, 2018

“Colleen & Matt – Thank you for all your hospitality. We all enjoyed our trip. We couldn’t¬†of asked for a better crew to take us on this once in a lifetime trip. It was better than we could have imagined, from the incredible adventures, gorgeous scenery and wonderful food. “You know, if your into that sort of thing.” Thank you for allowing your charter boat to be used as a fishing boat. We enjoyed every second of every day, can’t wait to do it again. “

April, Matt, Cathy, Mike, Sarah & Ben





October 6th, 2018

Matt & Colleen – Best. Trip. Ever!! Thank you for the experience, kindness, amazing food and great stories. Cannot thank you enough for the trip of a lifetime! We are so grateful for your hospitality & friendship and always going the extra mile. Loved all the great surprises all the way up to the last night. “

Stay in touch! – The Kenyons





September 30th, 2018

Colleen & Matt – Thank you so much for taking us to share the incredible beauty of the USVI & BVI with our friend Sam! What a wonderful experience it was to see Sandy Spit for the first time. You guys are the absolute best! We appreciate everything you’ve done. So happy to run across paths.”

XOXO! – Gabs, TJ & Sam





August 23rd, 2018

Colleen & Matt – Thank you for the day aboard Firefly to Soggy. It’s a day that will stay with us forever. A memory of the way we felt, the things we smelled, tasted and laughed about. A day spent with people you love and cherish. A day that we’ll remember forever. “

‚̧ Love for love city ‚̧





August 13th, 2018

Colleen & Matt – I can’t begin to adequately describe how fantastic my time aboard the Firefly has been. The two of you truly are a fantastic team that made every minute with you enjoyable and appreciate all the thought you have given to making the time on the boat special. The touring of the islands, the sailing, the over the top meals and scuba diving made this a time with my family I will always cherish!”

THANK YOU! The Callaways





August 4th, 2018

The end of a most memorable week aboard The Firefly with Matt and Colleen. Enumeration of a few high points. 1) Melvin’s Butt 2) Adriana’s first scuba dive 3) Letting the sails out (love having a competitive captain) 4) Anegada (and Melvin’s new IBC shirt) Although these were high points, they pale in comparison to the care provided by our wonderful crew, the exquisite food and the new friendships.”

Thanks! – Marion, Melvin, Merrick (Rude Boyz) and Adriana (Underwater PR Princess)





May 27th, 2018

Matt & Colleen – It was a pleasure spending the week with both of you! The company, boat adventures and of course the food was amazing ūüėä. Thank you for answering each and every question Pete hadūüėä. Come visit Chicago anytime. This will be a trip that we will remember always! The scuba, snorkeling, Baths, St. John petroglyphs, turtles, fish, shelling, free sailing were terrific. You managed to get us to all the spots on our list with plenty of time to soak it all in. The food and specialty cocktails (Margarita a favoriteūüėä) were beyond expectation. We are so glad to have met some wonderful friends! If you come to MN, please look us up! What an incredible trip! The BVI is an amazing place but the experience we had was all because of the Firefly hosts Colleen & Matt. What a great team you make, shifting to accommodate¬†our needs and wants. You spoiled us!!! Colleen, you planned a wonderful itinerary and placed us in some spectacular bays. I enjoyed the snorkeling – Thanks for pushing me outside my comfort zone. Matt, thanks for guiding the guys (and gals) on some awesome dives. And as you heard all week, your cooking was 5- stars every single meal. “

Thanks for a fabulous trip! – Maren, Pete, Missy, Carl, Lisa & Dimitri





May 18th, 2018

“Dear Colleen & Matt – Thank you for making our first trip to the BVI absolutely perfect! You are both wonderful people & the utmost professionals. Colleen – we love your upbeat personality and I would trust you with my life. Thank you¬†for holding my hand on our first snorkeling adventure. Matt – We love your thoughtful ways and amazing cooking! it will be hard to back to reality. Can’t wait to come back and see what delicious¬†meals you will be serving!‚̧¬† This was an experience of a lifetime & you¬† both contributed to that. From your warmth, knowledge, friendship & professionalism. We were spoiled & you raise the bar on everything. Individually and collectively you are awesome. Anytime you are in Miami look us up. We would l‚̧ve to hang with you. “

Fondly with love – Robin, Marc Hilary & Steven





April 29th, 2018

Matt & Colleen – Thank you very much for making this trip so memorable. You both created an environment¬†that was relaxed fun and interesting. The itinerary¬†was perfect for what we were looking for and you guys were so easy going when we made plans. The boat was fantastic, clean, well designed and organized. Thanks¬†for the smooth sailing, delicious food and great conversations. We will be back¬†and we will choose you guys again! Please don’t be shy if you are headed to Puerto¬†Rico. We’d love to meet up for a drink and treat you both to dinner! Beautiful beaches, creative dishes, the right amount of too much rum, an angry melon or two mad one¬†amazing trip.”

All the best – Cooper, Danny & Sam





March 28th, 2018

Matt & Colleen – Thank you so much for making our sailing trip a wonderful & memorable experience for all of us. The kids loved all the water toys, tubing and water skiing- -just a littleūüėā. Colleen – you really have a gift and the patience of a saint for children. Thank you for sharing your sailing knowledge with them and including them in our voyage through the USVI & BVI. They learned a lot and really enjoyed it. The water skiing was definitely¬†a highlight! Matt – thank you for the incredible menus and dining experience on the boat. We all enjoyed your cuisine & enthusiasm for everything you prepared. The drinks, desserts and company were awesome. We’ll be back!!!”

Love – The Kallos Family, Pam, Chris, Nicholas, Sophia & Peter





February 3rd, 2018

Matt & Colleen – Thank you for making this past week the most memorable vacation I have ever been on! Colleen – thanks for making the first few days awesome despite the wind. You made the days fun and the nights a little less rocky. You are the best boat mom there is! I will miss you and the daily adventures sooo much! Matt – thank you for making me fat, lol! Seriously though, not only did you surprise us daily with the most amazing meals, but you¬† are so fun to hang¬†out with! You both have become family! I hope to see you both again in the future whether it be on land or at sea! Thanks for the best vacation experience ever! I can’t wait to come back. You guys are the best! From being able to feed me for a week to watching me never get my see legs, you provided one hell of an experience. As Dr. Seuss¬†says “Oh the places you’ll go!” Thanks to you two, I understand a little better! This has been the most spectacular week!! I know how hard you both worked but you have a real gift for making everything fun!!”

Love you both! – Emily, Drew, Micheal, Sam & Anita





January 25th, 2018

Colleen & Matt – Thank you for a wonderful week! You made Michelle’s & my first trip to the islands an unforgettable¬†experience. The food was simply excellent, the days were planned great & my first scuba was a bucket list item. All I can say is thank you. Thank you for a fantastic week! You guys are awesome. The memories we made will always be remembered! This was an amazing week! We will certainly be back in the future and hope to be aboard whatever vessel you are on. Thank you sooo much!”

“B Team”- Brandon, Michelle, Marc, Liz, Travis & Mindy





December 27th, 2017

Colleen and Matt – What a wonderful week! Ya’ll have truly become a part of our family. This Christmas has been truly fantastic. Our elves brought lots of laughs for all. And waking up on Christmas morning was so special for Kaiden & Kinlee. Zach loved the dive with Matt and may be ready for more on our next trip. The beach picnic was was such a treat. Both of you have gone above and beyond to¬†make our trip so memorable. We cannot wait until next year!! May the wind always be in your sails”

All our love until our next sail – The Parham Family, Jill, Zach, Bree, Kaiden & Kinlee





July 29th, 2017

Colleen & Matt – Thank you so very much for an amazing trip! It was a trip of a lifetime thanks to your wonderful spirit. Everyday was a new adventure – memories we will never forget. It exceeded¬†our expectations and can’t wait to come back. We wish you many more happy days on the water!”

The Joncas Family (The Iron Lotus Gang) – Chris, Julia, Emma & Maya





July 17th, 2017

Colleen & Matt – This trip was amazing! It completely exceeded¬†our expectations. The islands were beautiful, the food was beyond wonderful and the two of you were fabulous. It was to get to know both of you¬†and learn all about the area. Thanks for taking care of us and making sure we survived the hurricaneūüėĀ. We also thank you for making sure “#6″ didn’t die (you know who we are talking about)ūüėĀ. This really was the trip of a lifetime!”

We will be back! – Mike, Melinda, Joe, Kevin Biff & Kendra





July 9th, 2017

Colleen & Matt – Thank you for making our dream vacation so wonderful! This trip was a “bucket list” for Bob & I and it completely exceeded our expectations. You two are an amazing team! From the fabulous food, to the¬†history lessons, and most of¬†all your complete knowledge of where to be and when. We couldn’t have asked for more. Carson¬†& Bennett¬†are already asking when we can come back. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!”

Love – Lisa, Bob, Carson & Bennett





July 1st, 2017

Matt & Colleen – We miss you already. What an amazing week! You two took us to all of the best spots and were so awesome to hang with. Thank you for the amazing food, views, tours, snorkeling, music, laughs, drinks and your killer attitudes. Life on the Nadiya be goooood mon! We would love to come back again soon. Meanwhile, you have plenty of new friends in Colorado.”

‚̧ – Nina, Keith, Lisa, Chris, Bobby & Jenny

June 2nd, 2017

Matt & Colleen – I can’t be thankful enough for making our wedding supper special. It was everything I was dreaming for. i love you both! thank you both for the vacation of a lifetime. Everything was perfect. We can certainly understand why your guests like to hang out with you. You are both so kind to others and two each other. You have built this amazing world¬†for yourselves and we are thankful for the time we had sailing with you. Thank you for your time, talents and love. It was surely felt. The wedding was beautiful and this truly was a once in a lifetime trip… a thrilling burst of speed in our everyday¬†lives. We love you both and pray pray everyday¬†for your health and happiness.”

Protos Locos for life!  РGiuliana, Chocie, Mom, Dad & Andy





May 19th, 2017

Matt & Colleen – I could have never imagined a more beautiful and relaxing trip, and to top that off amazing food on the boat! with Colleen knowledge of the boat and the seas and the history of these islands made for an educational and enjoyable trip. Couldn’t imagine a better crew to show us an amazing time here in the BVI. They spoiled us so much out here it’s going to be very difficult going back to reality. Wishing you guys the best!! thank you for making our vacation the trip of a lifetime! As avid travelers as we are, this vacation is on the top of the list. It beats the MaldivesūüėĀ!! We hope to return again soon! Everything was wonderful”

Ma halo – Giao, Adam, Dale & Becky





May 10th 2017

Matt & Colleen – We had such a great time. Thanks for letting us check items off the bucket list! Hope to run into you¬†again in the future.”

Michele, Matt, Rick, Renee, Mindy & Jeff





April 23rd, 2017

They made us come back!!! – We did. Again and Again and Again. Matt & Colleen are the best. Thanks for a fantastic trip. Cannot wait to come back again. Matt thanks for taking me diving. Something I have always wanted to do and at 64 I can finally check it off my bucket list! So good to meet and get to know you both.”

Good luck & smooth sailing – Mike & Lynn (Ozzie & Harriet) & Robert & Debbie (Ward & June)





April 15th, 2017

Colleen & Matt – We can”t begin to tell you how amazing this week was – Oh My Wow – Water – Spectacular Activities – Awesome Food – Better Than The Best Company, So enjoyable! Matt, Thanks for our sons first dive! He will never forget that. You both are such good people, the kind you don’t find everyday, but those who stick with you and make memories. Best week ever!”

Best – The Breslins





April 8th, 2017

Colleen¬†& Matt – We can’t say it enough – IT WAS WONDERFUL!! Such a great week spent with friends – including you all. Our second trip with you has been filled with an experience of a lifetime. Your knowledge of the islands made our trip very enjoyable. Sailing, scuba, snorkeling & sun all fantastic. Drinks were fun, the ones on the boat and all the bars on the islands. So many islands, it is hard to pick a favorite, but both St. John and Anegada are up there. Matt,¬† your¬†food is indescribably delicious! 5 stars every meal. Loved the the whole trip & am looking forward to doing¬†it again. Blue is the color of this week, sparkles on the water, sunshine galore, waves, fish, sand, rock, shells, boats, Nadiya! Boat drinks, 5 star food, friendship, laughs, conversation including history & sea stories! Wonderful accommodations, always kindness & great care given out each day by Colleen & Matt. Thank you thank you. We will¬† never forget this week & will hang on to the friendships we have made!!”

Peace & Love ‚̧ – Tom, Kathy, Doug, Melinda, Mike & Dena





March 25th, 2017

Colleen & Matt – Thank you so much for an amazing week! Everything we did was so fun! The diving was such a cool experience for all of us. We have been wanting to dive for years and it was better than we could have imagined! The snorkeling was the best we have ever done! The hikes were beautiful and the views were phenomenal!¬† Matt – the food was AMAZING! The kids are going to be sad when they go back to my cooking! Thank you so much for everything!!!”

Love – The Gardiner Clan





March 14th, 2017

M & C РAs I get older my life is all about pictures and memories. You have certainly added to both of my buckets. I am not sure if we will ever make it back, but if we do, it will be with the two of you. 

Hope to see you again! – The Little Rock Clan





March 4th, 2017

“Dear¬†Colleen & Matt – What more can I say on paper that I haven’t already talked about? First & foremost thank you! We had an idea of how and what to expect, but you exceeded every expectation we had. Colleen thanks again saving John from the Indians. Extremely grateful, your calm under pressure is a gift. Matt – tour guide, chef, scuba extraordinaire. Your in and out of the galley were above and beyond. Can’t wait to do this again with you both!”

XOXO – Ed, Tracy, Pete, Laura, Sue & John





January 26th, 2017

Colleen & Matt – Thanks for the vacation we’ll never forget. You guys were the best! Thanks for all your hard work. It was paradise. Although we were together only 5 days, it feels we’ve known¬†each other much¬†longer as friends. This trip was fantastic all because of you two! Thank¬†you for the fun times and wonderful memories. It was first class all the way. I hope paths cross again in the future.¬† What can we say? What an experience!! The two of you made the trip very easy and enjoyable. We very much appreciate how you molded the trip based on our interests and input. We cannot imagine a better experience here in the islands AND I get to cross scuba of the bucket list!

Best Wishes! – Doug, Sally, Barb, Dick, Larry & Deanna





January 13th, 2017

Colleen & Matt – This cruise was on our bucket list and it fulfilled our desires in so many ways. It is an understatement to¬†say the meals were great – the variety was unbelievable, the presentation was amazing, the taste was superb. It is hard to believe you were able¬†to produce such fine dining meals from that compact galley. Colleen, your masterful boat handling¬†compares with the captains on the high seas! We were never disappointing¬†with the stops chosen, and your desire to make sure we were satisfied was another¬†positive. Your knowledge of the area helped us to do the things we hoped to do. The snorkeling was fun and enabled us to see things we’ve never seen before. The Baths were spectacular, as were the hiking trails. Both of you created a memorable week for us in many ways. Your personalities cheered and motivated us to try so many things. Experiencing heavy blows and tropical rains enabled us to see your excellent boat handling and your¬†ability to keep us safe. Everyday was a new adventure that helped us to enjoy sailing as well as learning something about this part of the Caribbean. Thanks to both of you for giving us an unforgettable time with you and the boat.”

Judi, MJ & Sarah





January 4th, 2017

Colleen & Matt – Thank you both for the vacation of a lifetime! You two were the best hosts we could have asked for. Matt, you went above and beyond with your skills in the kitchen, and Colleen, your knowledge of the islands we visited and expertise at the helm made for an informative and smooth sail. Definitely¬†will be visiting you two again sometime soon. “

Jeff, Kim, & JC





December 27th, 2016

Matt & Colleen – Mixed weather, a sputtering outboard, rogue¬†jellyfish distasteful¬†jelly beans are all part of the positive memories made during our voyage. Add to that the great snorkeling, scuba, and outstanding on board meals. We know we booked the right boat and crew for our family Christmas vacation! Thank you Colleen & Matt for exceeding all of our expectations”

Best Wishes ! – Heather, Marc, Marc, Connor, Carl & Rose





November 23rd, 2016

Colleen & Matt – We cannot thank you enough for a week full of adventures, family memories and experiences of firsts. John & Jill were over the moon excited to share the VI and BVI with Kaiden & Kinlee. You have made the boat life a new way of life that we all enjoy. You both provided all of us, three generations, an experience and adventure to be remembered forever. Kaiden loved snorkeling with the barracuda and being Matt’s sidekick. Kinlee, the adventurous 5 year old., loved everything from fast rides on the dinghy, learning to snorkel in the caves, and riding the swan. Both of you have become an extension¬†of friends and family¬†to all of us. We are forever thankful. Swimming, snorkeling, laughing, sailing, movie watching, and lyric reciting laughs are to be remembered for years to come.”

All our best, until our next sail! – The Parham Family